Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Arbonne spa party

So, I just had my Arbonne spa party.  It was a fairly good turn out.  I had about 6 people show up, I served food from Tastefully was a good time.  I ended up spending only 50 bucks, and got way over 100.00 worth of products for free.  SWEET!  I got what my sales lady called the "work horse" Renewing Serum, it retails for 58 bones, YIKES!  I also got the salt scrub, this stuff is INCREDIBLE!  Better then after a professional pedicure.  I also got the acne wash, for my zitty face :(
  OH yeah, and all the products are Vegan.  Awesome!  I also heard that their baby line is spectacular.  I wish I had known about this baby butt cream when my son was little.

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